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so what are we doing tonight doctor?

same thing we do every night rose tyler .. each other ;)

does my bum really look that big???

it looks good enough to eat and i’m feeling quite peckish doctor ;D

roooossssseeeeeee .. can you…

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fic: teach a time lord how to text (3/4)


a series chronicling tentoo’s foray into texting
1,800 words, teen+, beta: kahki820
HUGE thank you to littlewhomouse for acting as my photoshop consultant & mentor <3
(part 1, part 2)
part 3: megapixels (and some subsequent mischief)

4:13 p.m.


One Rose/Doctor Moment per Episode | S02E13 | Doomsday




Make Me Choose
thedoctorloveshiscompanions asked: The Long Game or New Earth